Yoga is not an exercise, but a profound time tested spiritual science to elevate yourself to be extraordinary. When Yoga and Digital are integrated, innovations and leadership is obvious.

Yoga creates highest experience known to mankind. Yoga Elevates Yourself for Innovations. Without Yoga, AudienceXP is incomplete. AudienceXP combines Yoga, Digital to create Transformation Experience to transform ordinary Men & Women into extraordinary people.


“If creativity has to happen, we have to develop a certain level of un-distortedness in the mind. If you carry the baggage of life with you all the time, you cannot see anything the way it is. In yoga, we always describe the mind as a mirror. A mirror is useful to you only if it is clean and plain. If it is undulating or has accumulated something, it does not show you things as they are”.

Sadhguru states, “what is needed is an innovative intelligence – innovation not just as a step up from the status quo, but as an unlocking of a totally new possibility; which is the possibility with Yoga and Spirituality.