The M.Cap of FANG is $1500B in 2017; where all 4 FANG companies are Platform Business. There are many other success story as well.


Platform Business Models are the trending “Go-To-Business Models” of the Digital era!  Airbnb, Uber, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Ola, Flipkart, Expedia, are some of the Platform Business Models.  If you take a closer view and carefully analyse their business models, you will discover that, baring Google, Facebook, AWS, the rest follow “Aggregate” or “Marketplace” Model aimed at  building large Customer Community, so that they can offer any product under the sun to their captive customers.


Aggregate approach to Platform Business Model is “Investment Intensive” during early stage and is only for Start-ups who can raise funds in excess of $100 Million. We  Do NOT advocate Aggregate Model for creating Platform Business, as our approach is for $1 Million Platform Business with minimal investments.

Business-as-a-Platform(BaaP) Services Framework is a “Reference Model” and not a Recipe.
The BaaP Services Framework is ideal for Entrepreneurs who wish to Live their Dreams through (preferably) Remote Working mode.

About BaaP Services Framework:

Business-as-a-Platform (BaaP) Services Framework is a ‘Reference’ Model and not a recipe. The framework helps Entrepreneurs to easily understand, implement* and confidently drive their business with conviction & purpose.

Business-as-a-Platform (BaaP) Services Framework is simple and easy to adopt.  The Digital Platform Business Framework is designed to guide entrepreneurs to focus on key areas of service excellence and rapidly create value to achieve the revenue goals.  Revenue Opportunity for the “Platform Business” models can easily be 5% of Revenue of your Business Client !

*Note:  You can avail implementation support from qualified and recommended vendors at minimal investments. AudienceXP is vendor neutral and short-lists/recommends only those vendors who are competent and have executed similar projects. Pl note, all implementation services shall be directly managed by you and your vendor.

Create Audience Experience.  Focus on “Well-being of  Your Target Audience” as the foundation of your Brand Platform.  Confidently implement BaaP Services Framework to Live Your Dreams. We believe, an idea, can be nurtured into life changing mission not just for You, but for the people You love and care.