FANG; the acronym for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google empowers Entrepreneurs to Create Million Dollar Story. The Market Capitalization of just 4 Digital Technology Companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google have crossed $1500 B; about the same as size of economy of Russia! The lightening rise of FANG is fully supported by rapid adoption of digital technology by Consumers and Brands around the world . These 4 and additional players offer a wide range of Digital Technologies, that can be leveraged by entrepreneurs to unlock their Digital Opportunity.

FANG and many other Digital Technology leaders have empowered entrepreneurs to create their own Million Dollar Story.  AudienceXP champion entrepreneurs to live their dreams by unlocking their digital opportunity through a framework driven approach.

Business must transform itself into Platform, if they want to remain successful.

Prof Ram Charan, World-Renowned CEO Coach, Business Advisor to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch

Every business in the world, both Big and Small have to transform themselves into Platform, if they wish to remain successful. Period.


Digital Disruptions are wide and deep.  Let’s not mistake that, Every business must transform themselves into Platforms. While, Platform models are driven by technology, innovations, content and community, there is room for entrepreneurial initiatives around existing business.


This is a huge opportunity for Entrepreneurs to position their Entrepreneurial Idea into “Business-as-a-Platform” (BaaP) Services Model. Revenue Opportunity for the BaaP Services Business model can easily be 5% of Revenue of your Business Client ! Think BIG! Get Started Now. Join Nirvana Online Event Today.

While most experts talk about aggregate model practiced by the likes of Airbnb, Uber, Flipkart, We propose  “Lean Platform Business” Model, which excludes aggregate model. The Lean model is easy, simple, highly scalable and can be managed be small team.

FANGs greatly outperformed major market averages over the last year, returning over 50% on average.    –SeekingAlpha

The Marketing 2020 :

Check this short video. The Top 4 Digital marketing Agency of the world have antiquated model; which can be easily disrupted.

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Provides definite clue to drive Platform Business.