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Digital offers humongous opportunity to earn for a living. Take just 3 questions to let us know, how you are prepared to start the journey.

Digital Marketing for a Living

Pre-requisites for self-employment:

  1. Strong business idea.
  2. Good ‘Clarity’ on your idea.
  3. Passion to transform the idea into a profitable business.

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Krishnamurthy Hegde

Krishna is Entrepreneur, Digital Thought Leader, Product Manager, Coach, and Speaker. Krishna is the Founder, CEO & Chief Social Turk at AudienceXP; a Platform for Digital Skill & Entrepreneurial Development. AudienceXP Platform services include Learning & Training Marketplace for Digital Skills & Entrepreneurial Development, Jobs & Opportunities for Social Turks and Digital Marketing Services, that help companies develop comprehensive digital strategies & solutions to grow their business, increase customer experience and deliver higher return on marketing investments.

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