How to be a Successful Entrepreneur Mom
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Published on Jun 19, 2019 by Krishna, Founder, AudienceXP to Support People Pursue Their Idea.

Entrepreneur Story: How to be a Successful Entrepreneur Mom

Every person is born with some unique potential, which is often expressed through Core Desires. Some may call it as “Inner Calling” and others simply as “Passion”.  Discovering Your Core Desires is important, because, you would find your passion, when you pursue your core desires.

Let me tell you a Story about Sally; a young happy woman. Precisely, 4 years ago, Sally celebrated the culmination of her Pay hike and completion of 8 years of working with America’s leading lifestyle brand in downtown San Francisco. Peter, Sally’s husband, working with a software major at Santa Clara as Sr Software Engineer had just called Sally for a party to celebrate the event. Sally was bubbling with joy. She was happy with her life and blissfully unaware of the turning of events.

It was Spring of 2016, when something struck in Sally’s life. A fatal turn of events, pushed Sally’s life into anxiety. Peter was layed off in a organization restructuring exercise. Sally had to quit as she was pregnant and decided to stay home till Feb-Mar 2017.

In Jan 2017, Sally gave birth to her baby girl. For the next almost 2 .5 years, the couple were driven to debt trap one after the other. Sally’ financial condition worsened and soon couple could witness draining their savings and growing debts.

Life had taken full 180 degree shift in just 2 years. Sally was loosing her confidence as things looked tough financially for the couple

She said, If I have to earn more while work less and also take care of baby, the only option she had was to explore the entrepreneurship option; where she had no clue.

Sally had some idea to create wealth through entrepreneurship, but lacked confidence, guidance and money to support her dream. Sally needed to unlock her hidden strengths to overcome the challenge. Whats those hidden strengths and Who will help her discover them?

One day Sally came across a friend, who advised her to discover her True Core Desires, before choosing  Be Extraordinary Success Program; a path for entrepreneurship. Sally did just that. Through a known reference, She could discover her Core Desires and adopt a process to pursue her idea.

The process she adopted was so profound & powerful, Sally received support from unknown quarters and whatever she attempted, its sounded as if, She had the support of the Universe.

In a matter of few months, Sally was firmly on her way to earn more money than her corporate life, while at the same time take care of her baby.

It’s time, You Discover Your Core Desires!


There is a definite process and benefits. Its probably the best way to identify your passion and factor it into your entrepreneurial idea. There are countless women, who have benefitted from the process. You could be the next. The time is Now, as there is simply no other time, to try get started with an entrepreneurial journey on your terms, so that you could live rest of your life Happy and Wealthy, Naturally.

How You Can Benefit:

There is a lot you can benefit from the Story. Core Desires are Your hidden “Life Force”. If you ignore, You loose. If you Discover and follow your own Core Desires, the Universal forces come to your support at times of failure and success. All successful entrepreneurs have followed their inner calling knowingly or unknowingly and thus have been passionate in whatever they do.

Do you wonder what is your Core Desires ? Discovering Your Core Desires isn’t easy always. People spend years to discover it.  If you wish to Pursue Your Idea to be Happy and Wealthy, then discovering your core desires is the right way to get started.

We have good news for you. We have an Online Event on “Core Desires”  presented by Nomi Bachar; America’s Leading Human Potential Expert. You will also get an opportunity to engage with her to explore further or help you discover your core desires.

Join the event. Explore the real You!

Krishnamurthy Hegde

Krishna founded AudienceXP; the Idea Realization Platform, to create Epic Experience of Transformation for People who Pursue Their Idea, in order to Enable Them Live Extraordinary Playful Life, to be Wealthy & Happy, Naturally.Krishna spent 30 years in "Ideas" alone, including 10 Years into deep Research on Universal Law to explore how Thousands of Years old Ancient Wisdom can be Leveraged to help People Evolve their Idea. Krishna discovered Unique characteristics of the Universe and its influence on the evolution of Idea into Business Entity.