Benefits for Students Students gain exposure to a wide range of life experiences which adds to a positive learning environment. Students receive more individual attention, support and encouragement. This helps them to overcome obstacles, increase motivation and develop self-confidence. Students benefit from expanded services in libraries, labs, lunch rooms and other non-classroom activities. Benefits for Teachers Teachers can delegate tasks for the provision of extra help and support for designated groups or individuals. Teachers can expand programs to meet the changing needs of their students. New experiences, interests and skills are brought to the classroom by the volunteers. Benefits for Volunteers Volunteers derive satisfaction from making an important contribution to the school community. Volunteers receive recognition, affection and respect of students and staff for their contribution. University and college volunteers apply classroom experience towards career choices and post-graduate studies. Volunteers develop new skills, new opportunities for networking and new friendships. Benefits for the School The presence of the school in the community is enhanced when volunteers become advocates for the children and the staff. Positive partnerships between school and community are effective public relations tools.

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