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Define Core Desires : Online Event

October 15 @ 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm EDT

$45 – $90
How to become a Successful Entrepreneur

How to be a Successful Entrepreneur while you simply Define Core Desires.

Nomi Bachar, America’s Leading Human Potential Expert explains the power of Core Desires, the most simple, yet profound way to Transform your life.

About Nomi Bachar:

Nomi Bachar is a human potential expert, International Best Selling Author  and been a mentor to thousands of professionals around the globe.

Nomi’s Leadership Traning Inspirational!

“Nomi’s Leadership Training for our senior directors was an inspirational session that helped all of us better understand the different aspects of ourselves and how to a achieve a leadership mindset and have “life well lived,” using the Seven Gates of Power®.”

- Linda Tempel, Executive Director,
Developmental Disabilities Services, HeartShare Human Services of New York

Nomi Helps Create a Path

“Nomi helps create a path from the knowledge of the brain to the experience of the heart, which is a key to personal power.”

–Jessica Zane,
Producer of Special Events

Nomi Drives Change with Grace

“In life, there are those who walk the walk and others who talk the talk. Nomi Bachar not only does both with exquisite grace, her words change the way you feel about yourself and how you look at the world. Give her one hour and your life would be changed for good.”

–Lawrence Zarian,
TV personality & Celebrated author

She Illuminates Every Subject

“Nomi is extremely talented as a presenter. She illuminates every subject matter that she presents with her knowledge, communication skills and keen perception. She speaks from the heart, clearly and effectively, supporting each person to deeply understand themselves and move towards their optimal growth.”

–Hope Gotlib,
Senior Sales Specialist

Nomi Passionate and Inspiring Leader

“Ms. Nomi Bachar is a passionate, effective, and inspiring leader who is committed to supporting people to realize the highest within them.”

–Bharati Devi,
Director of Programming, Ananda Center

Event Premier:

Ever wondered, How Your Core Desires drives your Success ?

Buy Tickets Now to join the Online Event and Learn the secrets from America's leading Human Potential Expert.

Why Join the Online Event:
Transcend Idea Realization

3-Reasons, Why You should Join:

1. An Idea can change your life!

This event is part of a Series of Online Events to support You Pursue Your Idea. We offer Simple, Easy to follow Idea Realization Success Programs derived from Universal Law and guided by Universal Methodology to support People Pursue Their Idea to live Wealthy & Happy Life.

2. We have Global Experts, who present their expertise with passion, conviction, and clarity to help you enhance your true potential.

3. The best part? You don't have to leave your desk to be part of the action. With a focus on real-life case studies and best practices, the Virtual Idea Realization Online Events is the place to take your Idea Realization to the next level.

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Event Room:
ClickMeeting_Define Core Desires Event Room 27-May-2019
Why Nomi:

Nomi is a gifted teacher, who have spent years of hard work in exploring, discovering deep insights about how mind works through her work Gates of Power. Her speech are authoritative, inspiring and creates deep influence on your mind.

Nomi Bachar is international best selling Author, Mentor and expert in Mind Power. Her book titled Gates of Power has been the international best seller. She has changed lives of thousands of people around the world. She connects with people at emotional level. Her presentation is delivered from heart and She sincerely wants to serve people in their Transformational Journey.

Nomi is extremely talented as a presenter. She illuminates every subject matter that she presents with her knowledge, communication skills and keen perception. She speaks from the heart, clearly and effectively, supporting each person to deeply understand themselves and move towards their optimal growth.”

Nomi Bachar is a passionate, effective, and inspiring leader who is committed to supporting people to realize the highest within them.

On a broader note, her expertise and authority on the topic is what makes Team at AudienceXP choose her to deliver the Keynote presentation of the Core Desires; which is the Most Powerful Engine and Game Changer. Nomi delivers her keynote address to the liking of vast number of people and We are confident that, her presentation will make significant influence on you.

Benefits of the Online Event:

AudienceXP Online Events are presented by International Experts, Authors, Keynote Speakers delivering their expertise with Passion, Conviction and Clarity on the Topic with years of rich experience.

AudienceXP Online Events are gateway to join the online Idea Realization Success Programs covering Process, Frameworks, Tools, Opportunity, access to Online Interactions and clear Take-Aways.

Online Events online courses combination– a great way to create meaningful association and lasting connection.

Key Take Away:

You will Learn and Get Started with:

1. Defining Your Core Desires that acts like a powerful engine to be a successful entrepreneur.

2. Simple and powerful technique to pursue your idea, with a purpose that matters to you deeply.

3. Get Free First 30-minutes Consulting with Nomi to objectively discuss and analyze what's stopping you to take the 'Right' Decision.

About ``Be Extraordinary`` Program:

There is ‘Idea‘ with Each One of Us.

An idea can be nurtured into life-changing mission not just for ‘You’, but for the people ‘You love and care’.

Be Extraordinary, is the process to create Your Life Expression with a guided entrepreneurial journey. Be Extraordinary program is designed to unlock Your hidden potential, show you the path to prosperity and happiness with Online Events, Framework, Tools, Mantra, Story and Opportunity to help you Live Your Dream.

Many school dropouts and dumb guys have excelled when they chose to become entrepreneurs. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg , Michael Dell, Julian Assange, etc have shown the world the power of choosing your own life path.

It’s a myth that, being an entrepreneur or creating your own “Life Expression” is reserved only for the extraordinary! But, rather it’s Your Choice to become an entrepreneur makes you follow path to be extraordinary. It’s now your Chance to make a Choice to Change the World. Join AudienceXP to Be Extraordinary!

“Be Wealthy. Be Happy”.

Key Program Features:

  1. Universal Methodology 
    To lead life in compliance with Natural, Immutable Laws of Universe.
  2. Transformational Process aligned with Idea Evolution Lifecycle
    Evolve Your Idea in-tune with Idea Lifecycle.
  3. Interactive Sessions
    Starts with Google Form and Ends with Expression Book that evolves iteratively.
  4. Create Your Life Expression Book 
    Expression Book is Your Idea Realization Playbook, where We Update the Annual Distinctive Guidance from "Timing" Dimension.

Online Events

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Vision Realization

Create Vision to Mission Blueprint and journey Roadmap confidently with matured Universal Methodology framework driven approach

World's Top Experts

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Build Your Million Dollar Platform Business confidently with Platform Business Framework.

Reclaim Your Power

Play Your Game. It's exciting and fun to Live Your Dream.  Be Wealthy. Be Happy.

About AudienceXP:

AudienceXP is the World's Most Profound Idea Realization Platform.

We support Your Idea Realization with Timing, Universal Tools, Frameworks, Idea Realization Success Programs and Monthly Online Event Series by Global Experts.

Worldwide, more than 90% of all entrepreneurs fail! Idea realization has been the biggest challenge encountered by people around the world.

To address the challenge, you need a big idea to transform work, life, and business. In the Universe, there is nothing more basic, or real, than "TIME". When you align your work with Time, you witness idea manifestation faster with higher levels of creativity, productivity, and joy. "Start with Timing" is a call to harmonize your life progression complying with natural, immutable Laws of the Universe to be Wealthy, Happy Naturally. Timing is Everything. Because Time Rewards, or Teach You Lessons. Depends on which side you are.

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Earning the First Million Dollar Made Easy

Be Extraordinary Transformational Program is the definite way to get started with your aspirations to earn the first million dollar in your entrepreneurship journey.  Modern Technology and Eternal Rules well interwoven to be Wealthy and Happy! Awesome initiative. I recommend.

Peter Thomas
Sky Media

Timing & Insights are Secret Key for Leadership

George Fedrick

I always wondered, how to navigate through the competition with ideas that sets me ahead of the race. Be Extraordinary program provided me comprehensive approach to realize, what I dream.

Kirit Shah
Kirit Exports

Perspective Shift, The Power to Change Your Mind

Simran John

Life is a game of mind! Broadening perspectives through Self-realization is key to dream big and achieve high. AudienceXP programs are well aligned to unlock your true potential, while making idea evolution and implementation fun. Love it.

Saina James
Blue Oceans

Platform Business Model is the Go-To-Business Model

Business-as-a-Platform Services Framework helps get clarity on complex digital technology landscape to prioritize on key areas of service excellence and rapidly create value to achieve the revenue goals. Without the BaaP Service framework, it was not easy for solopreneur like me.

Nandini Mittal
Event FAQ:

Who Should Join the Online Event ?

  1. People who wish to Pursue Their Idea. Age No bar!
  2. Young Graduates 21+ years aspiring for Job, Profession, or Entrepreneurship
  3. Young Women with 5+ Years of Corporate Experience. Click here to Watch interesting Video Story Video of a Mom becoming Successful Entrepreneur.
  4. Freelancers, who wish to expand their potential
  5. Professionals who wish to Pursue Their Idea to become Successful Entrepreneurs
  6. Newbie Entrepreneurs

How to Join the Define Core Desires Online Event ?

To join the Online Event, Buy the Ticket. We have Standard Ticket and VIP Tickets. Buy any one of them. Once the payment transaction is successful, you will receive the Event Ticket and Token to your registered email.

The Paid Online Event will be hosted on this page itself on the scheduled date and time.  To join, on the event date and time, simply Click Here to scroll to the “Event Room” section on this page. Enter your Name, Email, Token and click Enter to join the online event.

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After the Event Can I contact Event Organizer or the Presenter ?

Yes! Surely, You can contact the Organizer/ Presenter.

It’s our pleasure to support you through sharing expertise, rich experience and guidance to genuinely support you “Pursue Your Idea”.

Each event attendee is given an opportunity to propose a preferred date of appointment with Nomi through the Google Form, titled “Define Your Core Desires”. We recommend you to fix an appointment with Nomi Bachar to discuss Your Core Desires. Because an expert can help you choose your core desires through the right process.

To ask Question to Organiser/Presenter, Click Here to open a Google Form Page.
New window will open. Enter Your Name, Email and Question in the Google Form. Click Submit. You will receive the answer to your question as soon as possible.

Click here to open Google Maps for the Office of Nomi Bachar, Gates of Power, 351W, 24th Street, New York, NY 10011

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October 15
7:00 pm - 7:30 pm
$45 – $90
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