Course Summary

Online Videos have highest message communication capability. No wonder, online videos are  deliverying increasingly high Returns on Investment(ROI).  Every day, new eye watering stats are released telling us all how much video content is being watched around the world, and how much more effective video is, than other forms of media. So how do you make sure that it’s your content that people are watching and that it’s effective?

Creating maximum return on investment with online video is a finely tuned blend of strategy, content and technology. This course takes you through all of the steps required to put together a video marketing strategy and implement it.

Skill Development Program:

  • Introduction to video
  • Creating a video strategy
  • Creating effective content
  • Targeting and distribution
  • Reporting and continuous improvement

Course Format & Duration:

Course Duration:  180 minutes

Course Format: Online Course

Who should take the Course:

Anybody who is currently using, or thinking of using, video to sell or raise awareness of a product, service or cause.

Course attendees might be:

  1. People who wish to become Self-Employed Professionals with Video Marketing
  2. Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Work-from-Home Professionals
  3. Video Journalists
  4. Creative Professionals
  5. Content Marketing Professionals, Content Publishers,
  6. Business Professionals
  7. Sales/ Marketing Professionals, Digital Marketing Professionals, SEO Professionals
  8. Creative Woman, who want to explore the world of internet in order to earn for a living

Take Away From The Course:

  1. Using Analytics to Plan Customer Experience
  2. Merchandising & Product Promotion
  3. Re-Targeting

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Key Program Features:

  1. Industry Insights
    Learn about real-life successes and failures from top entrepreneurs
  2. Certification
    Receive an official Audience University Certification
  3. Networking & Mentoring
    Interact with fellow Entrepreneurs in an interactive discussion forum
  4. Business Model
    Get step by step insights in creating Digital Marketing campaign Series for your venture
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