Create Your Web Presence

You need a website that is capable of making money. That’s the central piece of your web presence. It’s like your main office on the internet. Social Media, Email, Mobile Apps will get connected with your web site.

Course Format & Duration:

Course Duration:  60 minutes

Course Format:  Online Course.

Take Away From The Course:

There’s more than one place for people to find you online. In this course we’ll explore just how important being online is these days, as well as some common ways to do it including:

  1. websites
  2. local business listings and review sites
  3. social media
  4. mobile apps.

Who Should Take The Course:

  1. Entrepreneurs
  2. Business Professionals
  3. Engineers who wish to setup a new business
  4. Sales/ Marketing Professionals
  5. Anybody who wish to explore the world of internet to earn for a living.

Key Program Features:

  1. Industry Insights
    Learn about real-life successes and failures from top entrepreneurs
  2. Certification
    Receive an official Audience University Certification
  3. Networking & Mentoring
    Interact with fellow Entrepreneurs in an interactive discussion forum
  4. Business Model
    Get step by step insights in creating Digital Marketing campaign Series for your venture
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Create Your Web Presence


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