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The fundamental human quest is to be boundless with full freedom. You have the ability to Dream, and Think Big. You also have the hidden potential to Evolve and realize those Dream.   However, You lack the awareness about the path to unlock your hidden potential.  The “Be Extraordinary” course is designed to help you find that path within youself through Vedic practice. The practice, helps energize your natural circle, which in turn helps you evolve and implement you idea efficiently to realize your Dream.

Be Extraordinary program is an Experiential Transformation Process to Evolve!

AUM Meditation Yoga, the 90-days “Initiation Meditation” process, seeks the Ultimate Reality within you. When you perform AUM meditation, Thoughts recede, Mind calms down. Chanting AUM ensures peace, relaxes the body-mind, relives Your sufferings and limitations. The AUM meditation Yoga, when performed rightly, enhances Your Perspectives and Helps slowly unlock Your hidden potential.
I strongly recommend you to complete the 90-days cycle of AUM Yoga Meditation, in order to free yourselves from any external( work, social, family) Influence, acquire Unbiased  Calm & Composed State of Mind, before you Define Your Life Mission.
This is important to ensure that, the choice of Your Mission is in alignment with your hidden potential, inner “Calling”, and Unshakable Commitment with “The Why Dimension” of your Mission. Once you Define Your Life Mission, continue the recommended Meditation regularly.
The Be Extraordinary program is an Experiential Transformation Process to Evolve, by unlocking your inner potential in order to realize your Dream.  I recommend you to gain the awareness about Your Natural Circle, Passion Circle and Expressions Circle. Once You learn the different dimensions of your life, I recommend  you to further practice the AUM Yoga Meditation; the gateway to your higher achievements regularly. The AUM Meditation has several benefits and as you practice, you will realize it.

Course Format & Duration:

Course Duration:  120 minutes

Course Format: Online Course

Yoga Practice Duration:

Yoga Practice, prior to Defining Your Life Mission: Daily 45 minutes for 90-days min.

Regular Yoga Practice: Daily 45 minutes  min.

It’s recommended to daily practice 45-minutes Meditation, prior to defining Your Life Mission. Once, you define your life mission, continue the Yoga Practice for 45-minutes daily.

The course is for those who wish to Pursue Their Idea.

Who should take the Course:

  1. People Who Wish to Pursue Their Idea
  2. Newbie Entrepreneurs
  3. Small and Medium Business
  4. Brands who Want to Drive Innovations
  5. Professionals 21 years ~ 55 years

Take Away From The Course:

  1. Understand Timing, Idea, Expressions Dimensions of Your Life.
  2. Understand the primordial sound; the most subtle force of the Universe and its impact on Your Energy Body.
  3. Initiation with AUM Yoga Meditation to activate your Energy Body.
  4. Cleanse Your Energy Body.
  5. Energize Your Natural Circle.
  6. Define Your Life Mission in a calm state.

Key Program Features:

  1. Universal Methodology 
    To lead life in compliance with Natural, Immutable Laws of Universe.
  2. Transformational Process aligned with Idea Evolution Lifecycle
    Evolve Your Idea in-tune with Idea Lifecycle.
  3. Interactive Sessions
    Starts with Google Form and Ends with Expression Book that evolves iteratively.
  4. Create Your Life Expression Book 
    Expression Book is Your Idea Realization Playbook, where We Update the Annual Distinctive Guidance from “Timing” Dimension.
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Be Extraordinary

Krishnamurthy Hegde

Krishna founded AudienceXP; the Idea Realization Platform, to create Epic Experience of Transformation for People who Pursue Their Idea, in order to Enable Them Live Extraordinary Playful Life, to be Wealthy & Happy, Naturally.Krishna spent 30 years in "Ideas" alone, including 10 Years into deep Research on Universal Law to explore how Thousands of Years old Ancient Wisdom can be Leveraged to help People Evolve their Idea. Krishna discovered Unique characteristics of the Universe and its influence on the evolution of Idea into Business Entity.