There is ‘Idea‘ with Each One of Us

Pursue your Idea. Confidently, guided by Global Experts, powered by Idea Realization Success Programs.

Because, An idea, can be nurtured into Life Changing Mission not just for You, but for the People You Love & Care.

We support Your Idea Realization with Timing, Universal Tools, Frameworks,
Idea Realization Success Programs and Monthly Online Event Series delivered by Global Experts.
AudienceXP creates epic experience by Inspiring, Energizing and making you feel Capable, Un-stoppable to Pursue Your Idea.
It’s now your Chance to make a Choice to Change the World. Live Your Dream. Be the Star of Your Story and Not an Extra! Watch the Video. Start Dreaming!

AudienceXP;the World’s Most Profound “Idea Realization Platform” implements Universal Methodology; a complete end-to-end approach with 3-Phase Success Strategy to support People to live Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Life Naturally duly complying with Natural Immutable Laws of Universe.

———– Our Core Expertise ———–

———– Our Mission ———–

———– We are Change Makers. We are One Community ———–

We’re a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, doers,change makers, activists, and marketers made stronger by our diversity and resolve to live our life fully despite constraints. We welcome you to be who you are, choose the way you wish to live, experience your life fully and change the world for better. We come with variety of ideas. But, when it comes down to it, we’re more alike than we are different. We’re no longer alone. We’re all in this together and together we can be a force for good.

———– We Work on Million Dollar Opportunity ———–

$1,500 Billions strong FANG economy has just surfaced and growing rapidly. Demand-Supply Gap is huge with Opportunity for Millions.  Our Methodology is simple, yet powerful to drive Change.  Build World-Class Competitiveness, Extend Opportunity to You ( wherever You are), Create Synergy and Pursue with Purpose.  We know, Sky is the limit.

———– 70:20:10 Learning Framework ———–

Make Learning Work ! We learn 70% hands-on, while working on a project.  Be a Seeker. Explore what Works and What does not.  With 70:20:10 Learning framework,  what we learn, we leverage to create our own Million Dollar Story.

We try inculcate life-long learning habits with simple, short sessions. Education opens up doors, breaks down barriers, fosters growth and collaboration. It’s the building block for change. Knowledge, creativity and change have no boundaries.

———– We don’t shine, if You don’t ———–

We won’t leave our footprint behind, if we don’t make a difference to you. We’ll be the first to admit We’ve cried over missed opportunities and epic fails. But We’ve always learned more from our failures than success. The thing is, whether We’re up or down, connecting with community throughout the entrepreneurial journey keeps us grounded and keeps us going. We’re here to champion you, to support what you do, celebrate your voice, and lift up your spirits.

———– Yes, You CAN. ———–

Yes, You can become extraordinary. You can achieve Nirvana; freedom from misery. You can manifest your ideas into reality. Ideas won’t work if you don’t. They never happen overnight and they rarely follow a straight line. Excellence is the result of the seeking – consistently pushing to do better. And success looks different for everyone. Life is a journey of Ups & Downs. Life is exciting, when you belong to a community, so that we share and care.

Be Wealthy, Happy Naturally.


“ We created multiple world-class, globally well adopted Digital Platforms to Unify ecosystems of geographically disbursed teams to drive Change. We are here to script another success story; where You can be a key stake holder. ”

In 2001, we conceptualized the first tools driven Global Delivery Model for Software Services Delivery.  It was an attempt to unify 3 large geographically dispersed teams to deliver software projects within time, budget and quality expectations.

In 2004, We lead the same concept with conviction and purpose. Championed the efforts to create world’s widely adopted digital platform to unify large teams spread around the world. Many fortune 500 companies made it their platform for software delivery.

In 2007, we created yet another Digital Platform to create vibrant Vendor-Partner-Employee-Customer ecosystem; which managed over $2.5 B transactions so far.

After 10 years deep research into ‘Universal Law’ and with the experience of large Digital Platform, in 2014, we decided to create Digital Platform for Idea Realization for Men & Women; who want to pursue Idea to live their dream with “Anywhere Anytime Work” philosophy.

“ AudienceXP was born to create epic Experience of Transformation for people who want to pursue Idea, so that we script yet another story and leave our legacy behind that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.”

Idea to Projects Management Platform

“Transforming an Idea to a Project and managing the project/s complying to any ‘defined’ methodology”

Vendor-Partner-Employee-Customer Eco-system

“An idea that created huge Business Advantage.”


“In 2014, we decided to create the worlds best platform for Idea (Opportunity) Realization for Men & Women, who prefer working from home from remote locations around the world.

AudienceXP was born to create epic experience of Transformation, so that we help script story; which the world has not seen yet, but has an enormous potential.


“Inspire, Energize and make You feel Capable and Unstoppable”

———– Billions of Ideas. Like Milky Way ———–

There is Idea in All of Us.

All 7.5 billion of Us.