Nomi Bachar is a human potential expert, keynote speaker, author and mentor. She is a trained psychotherapist and has been guiding individuals and organizations for 27 years.

Nomi’s keynotes, presentations, and trainings help Leaders shift into an optimal mindset for success. She helps individuals and organizations achieve high levels of performance and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. With her guidance Leaders become more expressive, creative, effective and able to transform challenges into victories.


Optimizing Leadership of Self, Life and Business

Achievements & Mission:

Nomi has been globally interviewed on dozens of radio talk shows such as iTunes, CBS radio & Voice of America. She was a successful actress, producer and director of the Inner Landscapes stage productions in NYC.

Nomi Bachar presentation is engaging and entertaining, it moves her audience to tears, laughter, lively discussion and deep thinking. She’s been a mentor to thousands of professionals around the globe. Her stories about overcoming significant life challenges and becoming successful captivate her audience.

Nomi is a master at assisting people in releasing limitations and constricting habits while empowering them to draw on their inner power.

Let the Heart Speak
Consulting Desk:
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