Krishna spent 30 years in “Ideas” alone, including 10 Years into deep Research on Universal Law to explore how Thousands of Years old Ancient Wisdom can be Leveraged to help People Evolve their Idea. Krishna discovered Unique characteristics of Nature and its influence on the evolution of Idea into Business Entity.


Idea Realization, Entrepreneurship,Universal Methodology

Event Driven Marketing, Digital Platforms

Achievements & Mission:

Krishna created multiple world-class, globally well adopted Digital Platforms to Unify ecosystems of geographically disbursed teams to drive Change. Currently, Krishna is passionately working to script yet another success story; where You can be a key stake holder. ”

After 10 years deep research into ‘Universal Law’ and with the experience of large Digital Platform, in 2014, Krishna decided to create Digital Platform for Idea Realization to support people Pursue their Idea to live their dream through “Anywhere Anytime Work” philosophy.

AudienceXP was born to create epic Experience of Transformation for people who want to Pursue their Idea. Krishna is working alongside some of the globally renowned experts, authors, consultants to script yet another story and leave his legacy behind that will take the next generation to a level We could only imagine.”