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It's time to enrich your customer experience. Its time now to build more meaningful relations with your customers. Switch to digital hybrid marketing.  Gradually scale your marketing operations with AudienceXP platform to realize maximum returns for your investments. Get Started  with a 100 page Interactive Website today.

AudienceXP Platform Features:


  • Digital Hybrid Marketing Pack
  • Multi Home Page
  • Codeless Page editing
  • Multiple Landing Pages
  • Responsive Email Templates
  • Email Manager
  • Blog Manager
  • Multi Author blogging
  • Contacts Manager
  • Ad Manager
  • Leads Manager
  • Helpdesk
  • Reports Manager
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Customization
  • Social Signup
  • Community (for SEO lift)
  • My Activity ( for SEO lift)
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  • Basic Google Analytical Reports
  • Drip Mails
  • Personalized Emails
  • Online Commerce
  • Product Catalogue
  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment Gateway
  • SEO
  • Sitemap
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Core Contacts Management
  • Influencer Management
  • Blogger Management
  • Training
  • Custom Reports
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Analytical Reports


For startups & small biz


For Medium Biz


For Large Biz

Competitive Analysis

Feature Categary Global Best Practice HubSpot AudienceXP
Digital Channels
Email Email( Personalized, Contextual) Traditional Advanced. Supports High Deliverability.
Web, Social Media Content Marketing Traditional Traditional
Social Media Social Media Marketing limited Supported. Options for Tighter Integration.
Mobile Mobile Site Not Supported Supported
Responsive UI Desktop-Tab-Smartphone integration Supported Supported
SEO SEO Traditional Well aligned with latest SEO techniques
Digital Assets Management Digital Assets Management Localized Localized + Global Repository
Contact Management
Contact Segmentation Contact Segmentation Supported Fully supported
HelpDesk HelpDesk with Ticketing Basic CRM features Basic CRM features
Data Analytics Data Driven Marketing Basic Custom Data Model driven Analytics
Personalization Personalization Not Supported Supported. Can be highly personalized
Events Marketing Events driven marketing Not Supported Currently under Implementation
Greetings Audience Development Services Not Supported In Roadmap
Video Strategy Video SEO Strategy Not Supported In Roadmap
Influencer Marketing Influencer Marketing Not Supported Supported
Contextual Modeling Contextualized Not Supported In Roadmap
Community building Community Not Supported Supported
Multi Author publishing News Room for multi Author publishing Supported Fully supported
Online Commerce Online Commerce Not Supported Fully supported
Application Integration
Social Integration Tighter Social Integration Supported Supported. Tighter Integration in roadmap
Other App Integration Support for n-tier architecture Not Supported Supported
IT Asset Features
Flexibility Configurability Basic Fully supported
Extensibility Fully extendible limited Fully extendible
Scalability Massively scalable limited Massively scalable
Price Pay as you use $2400/mo Get Quote, we're competitive
Customer Success Management
Solutions Solutions Driven Tool driven Solutions Driven
Training Training Extra Included
Strategy Alignment Strategy Alignment No Yes
Custom Reports Custom Reports No Yes
Peridoic Team Meetup/Skype Call Peridoic Team Meetup/Skype Call No Yes
Support 24x7 email, chat, Skype Support Generic Tailored Support
Customer Attrition Build Centralized Digital Hub High Low due to Solutions approach
Overall Score Software Capability Maturity 55% 70%

Why should you run your Marketing Operations on AudienceXP Platform
More Inbound Leads Powered by services platform

Pool of Skilled Technologists pool, Data Scientists, Expert Writers, Artists, Social Turks for Direct Marketing, Social Media Marketing. Voluntary offer of  resources like Social Turks and Data Scientists to build business cases for new marketing campaigns. 

Marketing Technology Framework

Continuous development of Digital Marketing Technology Framework to keep you at pace with digital technology evolution. All that helps drive customer experience in order to retain and grow your customer base.

Grow Your Business

Relationships driven Audience Development Services to drive customer loyalty and manage meaningful relations to nurture emotional connections with customers. All that helps grow your business.


AudienceXP Platform Capabilities
  • Interactive Website
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • CRM Integration
  • Analytics

Build Ultra Responsive Interactive websites in minutes with no coding experience. AudienceXP platform provides a robust Content Management System (CMS) and supports publishing content to different target audience groups.  Built in Search, Multi Language support, Role based Security and more. The platform is cloud hosted and massively scalable. Websites built on AudienceXP platform stimulates audience experience and turns site visitors into promoters of your business.

AudienceXP platform’s Email Manager supports creating email campaigns, automated email responders, email surveys, newsletters, threaded email management and more. Supports scheduled delivery of personalized emails, surveys, read tracking and more. Sending 10,000 + personalized mails a day is easy with excellent mail management features. 

AudienceXP’s blogging software helps you super charge your Content Marketing strategy with robust blogging features that supports non-technical users to publish and manage articles, news, press releases, stories and editorials. It’s the ultimate publishing platform with support for news room features, workflow, scheduling, custom fields, rich pin article, videos, images and audio content. Publish your blogs instantly to social media, and targeted audience via email. Convert your blog to a Landing Page and generate marketing leads.

All screens are equal.  AudienceXP’s platform supports Mobile First Strategy.  Your blog, web page, email looks good on a large number of mobile devices and stimulates audience experience and engagement.

AudienceXP supports a community of passionate marketing Professionals, Writers, Artists, Data scientists, Bloggers and Social evangelists. We are making a new beginning in this space to support efforts of brands and business to build localized direct marketing assistance. Tell us about your specific needs, and we may be able to enrich your marketing ideas.

Make Marketing an integral part of Sales.  AudienceXP supports a plug-in to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013; the world’s most popular CRM tool.  

AudienceXP provides some basic reports and dashboards for your marketing campaigns. AudienceXP also supports integration of a best-in-class Business Intelligence engine to generate robust analytical reports.
Our Service Lines to Brands & Business to Grow Sales

AudienceXP Marketing Software

We provide advanced Digital Hybrid Marketing Software on a Subscription model to SME segment. The Marketing Software help quickly setup digital hub and drive multi channel marketing campaigns.

We are Thought Leaders in Digital Media & Marketing Technology Solutions and help you with Continuous Innovation, Experts Advisory, Training, Ideations and Pilot programs to stimulate Customer Experience.

Read about platform capabilities, blogs and Best Practices Guides

Full Service Marketing

We believe an agency's value is measured in outcomes, not outputs.

We work on Retainership basis as your Digital Partner to provide end-to-end Digital Marketing Services covering Strategy Consulting, Data Analytics, Advertising, Web & Mobile App development, Just in Time (JIT) Workforce and Marketing Services to drive your Sales.

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Build Brand Community

We build customized Brand Communities to drive Brand Advocacy programs to nurture leads, increase customer retention,grow circle of influence to push your Sales.

Additionally, We provide Consulting Services, Training and High Quality Global Talents to work as Just In Time workforce to execute marketing campaigns, boost viral promotion and grow circle of influence.

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